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About KittensBreeder

Kitten breeder is a rewarding and fulfilling career. It involves the breeding and care of beautiful cats and kittens in a safe, healthy environment. It’s important as kitten breeders that we provide the best possible care for our animals to ensure their well-being and health, so future generations can be raised with proper socialization, nutrition, grooming, and appropriate vet care.



A career in kitten breeder starts with gaining knowledge of cat and other animal genetics, understanding how they interact, while also having an understanding anatomy, behavior, nutrition, and medical conditions. We must be able to recognize potential problems with new litters as soon as possible so treatment can begin if needed.

Kitten breeders have numerous responsibility; from selecting quality cats for breeding stock or pet homes to providing socialization and handling for new kittens before being sent home. Good breeders also promote responsible pet ownership by only encouraging adoptions of cats for which proper healthcare is ensured where they will live happily in suitable environments.

The most satisfying part of being a kitten breeder is seeing how your work continues on in the lives of others through beloved companion animals who offer joy & happiness to those who take them home!


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