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Himalayan Kittens For Sale

Our Himalayan kittens for sale are an absolutely adorable breed of cats. They’re most recognizable for their long fur, bright blue eyes, and distinct facial markings. It’s almost certain that your Himalayan kitten will make you fall in love with its adoring personality, playful nature, and unique coloration. Our refuge has branches in 12 States in the US and a branch in Canada, the UK, Australia, and Europe. Hence, you can buy kittens for sale near your location (me).


At our Himalayan Persian kittens cost between $600 to $1300. Before buying a Himalayan kitten, it is important to be well-informed about the breed. Learn about Himalayan cats such as their playful disposition, trainability, and need for socialization (they easily become lonely when left alone for long periods).

Himalayan Kittens for sale near me (my location)

Get your Himalayan kittens for sale (near me) and deliver them to your home address in the US, UK, AU, Canada, or EU. Once you have brought him home it becomes very important to make sure there are no risks within your home. This means covering up electrical outlets and removing dustbins from where they can easily access them (these often contain toxic chemicals harmful to cats). Also generally creating safe spaces for active playtime away from furniture/appliances.

These should include several toys, scratching post(s), a tree house, etc., plus lots of cuddle time! You’ll also need grooming supplies such as brushes & nail clippers specifically designed for cat Himalayan cats (hygiene should be maintained regularly). Lastly, keep any poisonous plants far from their reach – popular ones include Lilies & Ivy although there are many more so check with your vet which ones may pose dangerous risks if ingested by your little guy!

Himalayan Kittens near me for sale

About their nutrition

A balanced diet is essential for an energetic little guy like him, based on age & weight. Hence, it may vary by individual kitty, so you should feed them wet/dry food either bought at pet stores. Furthermore, food specifically made at home in addition to treats such as fresh fruits & vegetables. Small amounts of dairy products may also be given but always take caution when introducing new foods. This caution in Himalayan kittens is to avoid allergies that might occur without prior notice. Additionally, it would not hurt to provide Himalayan cat kittens with supplements tailored toward helping overall growth. A tip here is always to consult with the vets first regarding what type would benefit him most. This is such that both the owner & Himalayan kitten for sale get the maximum benefit from daily meals!

Himalayan Kittens

Caring for your Himalayan Cat kitten

After buying your Himalayan kittens for sale, the care you give them at home is primordial. As mentioned earlier he will require plenty of physical activity because just like us humans even he needs exercise too! So try carving out some extra space around your place like an open balcony/garden area where he can roam freely while under supervision. This will help strengthen muscles and develop agility skills all while having fun outdoors! Also, take regular walks during evenings when temperatures remain cool ideally accompanied by plenty of human interaction.

Otherwise, the Himalayan kitten may start feeling isolated resulting in potential behavioral issues due to lack of companionship! All said and done one of the best ways to join family activities revolving around play time involving interactive toys whether store-bought or homemade could prove beneficial too. Since Himalayan cats playing together tend to form strong bonds making the relationship much more joyous one feels boundless love between all members present!